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The right way of feeding OSUN

The right way of feeding OSUN

I have seen many people online especially those who claimed to be babalawo doing the wrong thing .

I know my wife used to say AJE NLA you are too found of yourself and you believe your own way of doing things is always the best...

I used to tell her, anything worth doing is what doing best. If you know you are doing anything, make sure you do your best at it.

A woman paid me to do egbe orun appeasement, I already told her AJE NLA don't snap pictures, she said she doesn't care in as much as it is legit.

I get to my shrine, feed ORISA egbe for her, then do the egbe orun appeasement where I Invoke all her egbe orun to come and accept, eat the appeasement she bought for them and I make the prayers.

I have to travel down the spirit realm to meet her egbe orun and have a deep conversation on her.

In fact, it was both a physical thing and a spiritual one.

I have to make sure everything was done according to details because i love perfection.

Back to ORISA OSUN feeding.

Osun is a Major ORISA,the only female Irunmole and the mother of Most ORISA know to many today.

OSUN is full of love that can't be resisted, yet she love those who care and do the right thing she wanted.

For the record, OSUN doesn't love blood.

I have invited her on many occasions to war but she doesn't love blood. She do her thing in a more quiet and mature way.

Osun has a preferred food she love to eat, well am not here to disclose them to any man because it it left for you to find it.

The main purpose of this post is to tell you that if you see or visit a shrine that shed blood on OSUN like the ones in this picture, it is fake.

You can never feed ORISA OSUN and shed blood on her shrine. Never.

Many people believe that anything without blood is not powerful, blood is costly than anything.

OLOKUN doesn't eat blood, ORISA AJE doesn't eat blood, OBATALA doesn't eat blood etc.

This is a secret many people don't know, they don't want to learn or didn't have the patience to wait before becoming a babalawo.

I know I have made enemies with my article and Post but I know if I don't speak the truth, nobody would speak it out.

Am a one man mopol and am not the best babalawo in the world, am just doing my thing the olden ways of the ancient when the world was still young as it was instructed by my Father OBATALA.

Am AJE NLA+2347031178647

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