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ORISA Ori and the thief

ORISA Ori and the thief

Someone contact me to help them beg ORISA oro that they needed this ORISA as one of their collection of ORISA. 

I was curious to ask if there is any ORISA Ori separately and the person said yes. 

I decided to visit my Father OBATALA who created all heads, while I was going to OBATALA temple I brach at ORUNMILA's house and I persuade him to follow me to OBATALA.

While I was there I asked OBATALA, is there any ORISA called Ori?

He said yes

I asked OBATALA, do we have an ORISA Ori shrine or a figure to represent it

ORUNMILA said No even though the question was for OBATALA since he made everyone.

ORUNMILA said every Ori is personal to every person.

Your Ori is on your head and it is always with you .

You don't need a figure to represent it neither do you need a shrine for ORISA Ori.

I AJE NLA now asked both fathers why we have some babalawo having a figure called ORISA Ori.

OBATALA and ORUNMILA laughed and just smile.

They said may be they don't know what they are doing they are blindly follow what someone created out of imagination.

I came back from such journey and I am still amazed with the answer they gave me.

Many people in the diaspora thought they needed a figure of ORISA Ori for feeding it for people or on their behalf but it is not so.

Those who are doing it are either thief trying to steal from people because they know not the truth or don't know what they are doing.

If you want to feed your head, your head is on your neck and it can be fed.


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