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6 Important Yoruba questions to learn Yoruba

Here goes!

*A quick note: the phrases will be without tones until I can get some clarification as to what they are. 

Please forgive my beginner learner ways!*

Kilo de? [Why?]

Kilo de ti…? [Why…?]

Ki ni…?/ Kilo…? [What…?]

Bawo ni…?/Bawo l’…? [How…?]

Nigba wo ti…? [When…?]

Aago meloo ni…? [What time/ when…?]

Tani…? [Who?]

Tani e? [Who is that?]

Nibo…wa? [Where is…situated?]

….da? [Where is…?]

…wo ni…? [Which…do…?]

As you can see, far more than 6 Ws, but nonetheless super useful. 

These should get you on your way to asking some questions. 

I believe these days I have been improving a lot, but I don’t know everything, so when in doubt I bring in the English.

 I use phrases and vocabulary that I am certain of in conversations with my parents and ended with sentences that are a Yoruba/English hybrid, to avoid frustrations.

For example,

Kilo dé ti ẹ fẹ́ call orẹ́ yín?

[why do you want to call your friend?]

It is not perfect but I move forward this way.

Anyways, I hope you are enjoying this

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