Past and Present kings of Owu Kingdom

Past and Present king of Owu Kingdom 

Oba Pawu 1855-1867
Oba Adefowote 1867-1872
Oba Aderinmoye 1873-1890

Oba Adepegba 1893-1905
Oba Owokokade 1906-1918
Oba Dosunmu 1918-1924

Oba Adesina 1924-1936
Oba Adelani Gbogboade 1938-1946
Oba Salami Gbadela Ajibola 1949-1972

Oba Adebowale Oyegbade 1975-1980
OBA Michael Oyelekan  1987

Oba Olawale Adisa Odeleye 1993-2003
Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu Amororo II  2005

Oba Saka Adelola Matemilola (Current Olowu 2024)

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