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Facts about Oodua / Odùduwà against the controversy

Facts about Oodua / Odùduwà against the controversy 

 Oodua/Oduduwa the king of kings is not from mecca. 

Oodua descended from the sky and landed in Oke Ora Ilé Ife.

The spot where Oodua landed is still present and shows the original map of Africa.

 Ile Ife is the cradle of humanity and civilization. Oodua is the progenitor of the African race and leader of all kingdoms.

 Oonirisa Arole Oodua is the incarnation of Oodua on earth in this present day and time. 

Obadio is the chief custodian of Oodua. 

Oduduwa denotes the essence of behavior.

 (Odu-ti-o-da-Iwa) the reservoir of culture or manners.

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