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The mystery of the 1000 woman who married Solomon unravel by AJE NLA

The mystery of the 1000 woman who married Solomon unravel by AJE NLA 

Solomon was not the name of the man who married a thousand woman and how he lived his life was definitely different from the version of the bible .

While going through the hidden and forbidden scroll at the temple of OBATALA, I saw this particular scroll and I read through it.

As at that time the name Solomon was not known or heard or given as a name.

Solomon was an English name created by the English people centuries after the event happened.

If Solomon actually married 1000 women then half of the world should bear his name directly or indirectly.

But what actually happened is different from what you read in the bible.

Solomon is a man who travel the spiritual realm and was Initiated into many spiritual cult groups.

We all knew IYAAMI ELEYE,to be a son of IYAAMI ELEYE you must be initiated into their spiritual group, after the INITIATION IYAAMI ELEYE becomes your wife and you are the husband .

Initiation is more like marriage that bind us all together into one as husband and wife.

To be part of IYAMOPO also means you would be initiated into their spiritual group and after Initiation it means you are their husband.

Many forces of the world are female energies and they are in groups and sub groups.

As I am the son of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, I already have two wives as each Initiation is a marriage .

There are other female spiritual groups apart from this two forces.

ORISA ONIMERE is also a female forces that carries a lot of weights and being initiated Into ONIMERE means that I am married to all children and groups relating to ORISA ONIMERE.

If you remember ORISA OSUN, she also have her own cults and groups which are in millions and millions sub group.

I also know ORISA EGBE, the woman that gave birth to all Egbe Orun, not everyone is initiated into ORISA EGBE, this Initiation makes me a member of all Egbe Orun that ever existed be it Eleriko, Jagun, Iyalode, aleshinloye, mahun, and so on and so forth.

ORISA Egbe is my mother but it also make her my wife .

This is the kind of Initiation which Solomon did in his own time which make him the father of many forces .

The Initiation into various groups make him the husband of such groups and it doesn't necessarily means that he married them physically.

Not everyone is married to all the forces and you must be selected from heaven and your hardwork can also make you a perfect selection.

The criteria to have this power is very hard and no man can pass it, those who pass are created by OLODUMARE to pass it and they are created once in 1000 years .

My name is AJE NLA and it has given me pride to speak about it and teach people about what they don't know.

I don't need to be part of this worldly groups that has nothing to offer.

Sometimes I called myself EYEKUNLE, I guess you understand where the name come from.

I remained AJE NLA.

If you are not born to have power and you are looking for Power you are not born to have, it would kill you.

On a final note, Solomon didn't married 1000 women but was Initiated into 1000 spiritual groups who are only women.

Initiation is a marriage.

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