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What is illuminati and why do you want to join them?

What is illuminati and why do you want to join them?

First of all, many thinks illuminati is a group of money ritualist but it is not .

As a matter of Facts those who make noise over the internet about being in one illuminati or the other are absolutely leing.

I AJE NLA is not a member of illuminati and I don't have interest in joining but I would enlightened those who are not enlightened about the so called illuminati.

Illuminati is a group of people who are enlightened, it was formed by great minds for great minds.

We have other brotherhood like Mason whose function is almost similar .

For your information,you don't request to join illuminati. You can't join them by placing a request or writing a letter to join the great brotherhood.

There is a level you reach in Life and that letter of recommendation would come on to you.

Someone would recommend you for membership unanimously.

They have prestige, they have class, they have levels and they have kings, queen and pawn.

Illuminati got their hands in all industry and they control the world.

Like I said, they are formed by elite people who have been awakened , who has discovered what is impossible for anyone to discover.

Most leaders of the world are either pawn, bishop etc as seen in the game of cheese.

To be a member, part of the Initiation ritual is to be locked up in a dark room for days for you to discover yourself without eating anything.

Can you withstand that high level of tolerance?

You think illuminati is for small pikin?

Most of you don't have anything to offer yourself, your family, your neighborhood or even man kind and you want to join illuminati.


I rest my Case and I think I have talked more than enough.

OLOKUN protect me, OBATALA guide me.
IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO be with me.


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