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Elegba is 100,000 powerful than ESU

Elegba is 100,000 times more powerful than ESU 

While ESU devotee find it hard to accept that Elegba is different from ESU.

Well you need to confirm and ask your IFA or ask someone whose IFA is still active to confirm this information about Elegba .

Ask IFA if Elegba is the same as ESU 

Ask IFA if Elegba is the father of ESU 

Ask IFA if Elegba is more powerful than ESU 

I don't just formulate things in my head, I have seen this great ORISA and I know him very well so it is a great honour to tell the world about him.

Just like I mentioned that Aganju was the father of Sango, they couldn't do a simple task of asking their IFA . 

Yoruba Mythology is bigger than sitting in one corner and judge the world based on what you feel without proper knowledge of the Cosmo and ORISA at large.

Sometimes even when the spirits load my head with information, I would still have to go to OBATALA and ORUNMILA for confirmation.

Elegba was one of the IRUNMOLE that was sent to earth, up till today no one has successfully tell us the list of the 401 IRUNMOLE that were sent to earth when the earth was at her earliest age.

After some years ,this IRUNMOLE started joining forces to create new forces . That is when ESU was created or born.

ESU was always referred to as the smallest because as at that time he was the youngest, smaller in power compared to others .

This is the reason why they called him short man.

Elegba is a proud father of ESU and am proud of their family relationship.

If you don't look closely, you won't know the difference between Elegba and ESU because everyone thinks ESU is the same as Elegba but there are different.

Elegba has been living for years before ESU was born, how can they be of the same strength and power?

ELEGBARA Elegba being the grand father of all ESU doesn't get involved in many things, he sat and sent his boys ESU to do the work , this is why many people thinks Elegba is the same thing as ESU .

Don't come on this post to argue if you haven't confirm the authentication of this article by asking your IFA because if you jam talk, that is your problems. (You thought am going to say something, Nahhhhhhhhhh).

If you need to know more about Elegba,you have the options of consulting your IFA or going into the spirit realm to experience it .

My articles are not for you to accept or reject, that is your choice . All I know is that , I have not seen anyone talks in this things like I do and that is because they don't know them neither do they have the experience on them.

The son of OBATALA

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