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How Jesus was Initiated

How Jesus was Initiated 

Everyone seems to be hyping Jesus and they forget to mention that Jesus was an initiate.

I am not a Christian so it is easy for me to analyze the situation and talk the truth to your faces.

We all know what Christianity has turned to, it's nothing but a business centre.

Don't say it because I already know it but before you say a word, what has Your God done to those who claimed that Jesus died because he didn't pay tithe?

So much Fame and emphasis on tithe, who owns tithes? 

Whose pocket are all the tithe money going ?

Why won't they shout and tell lies because of tithe?

The truth is that everyone is protecting their investments.

I am not ABIDO SHAKER neither can I tell you that I have acquired any form of power but all I can say is that you should please, don't reason or think about my matter / what I talked and posted because your death would come like a shock. Don't say I don't warn you.........

Let us proceed to the business of the day.

You can't ascend to that level of power or let me say you can't have access to spiritual power or any form if you haven't done your Initiation.

One of the biggest benefits of any Initiation is the power it gives, the power you attain, the power you accept, the power that comes with the initiation.

Jesus was initiated in the water via his water baptism.

When we talk about Initiation,there are various types of Initiation.

Some Initiation are as simple as anything while some Initiation are as complex or bloody as anything.

The christians always do baptisms for their members because they believe that it would give them the power of OLODUMARE.

Let the truth be told, you are being initiated into the power that comes from water.

During baptism your body is immersed in water for some time, affirming your Initiation with the water.

Many of the church goers are elegbe Omo, Omi Omi etc.

As you are preparing for baptism,so also your egbe orun are preparing to welcome and see you once again.

Your egbe orun and others are already in the water waiting for you to be immersed inside the water.

As you drip your head in the name of the father, they complete the remaining ceremony for you.

Jesus was not an exception, he made his convenant and Initiation known via water baptism.

Water baptism is still a mystery for Christianity to solve. They don't know why Jesus was baptized, they just know that after baptism the spirit of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO entered Jesus in form of a bird.

On this basis Christianity always baptized their members unknowingly . it is water Initiation for those members to attain or receive some powers of some sort.

During baptism it is believe that people should wear white cloth... Why?

Because the spirit of OLODUMARE is white? Who created darkness? Imaginary saitan

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