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How to use Water for easy Baby Delivery without cesarian section (Operation)


 How to use Water for easy Baby Delivery without cesarian section (Operation)

Many woman has been made to believe that Yoruba Tradition is evil but it is not.

This video from AJE NLA the son of OBATALA explained how water can be used for a heavily pregnant woman who has been admitted to the hospital finding it difficult to deliver a child, a woman who is in hard labor pain.

AJE NLA explain how to use water to help her have a safe baby delivery.

Further more AJE NLA explain that all the healing properties of water are all attributed to ORISA OSUN.

ORISA OSUN is also called alagbo lodo. The one (OSUN) who uses water to heal all sort of disease.

Watch this video till the end and don't forget to share it with everyone you knew.

We are still learning the ways of water .

I remained AJE NLA

The son of OBATALA 

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