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When ESU failed to keep the world In balance, Elegba enforced the law that normalize the world

When ESU failed to keep the world In balance, Elegba enforced the law that normalize the world

ESU is very powerful and clever, so wise that esu devotee thought ESU is the most powerful of all ORISA .

I have seen ESU and I know what he likes and doesn't like.

ESU was giving the task of going to and fro, taking sacrifices to OLODUMARE, collecting authority for each sacrifices, take those sacrifices to the door step of the ORISA involved.

This is in a simple term what happened anytime a sacrifice is giving to ESU.

Each ODU represent an ORISA and IFA give insights to the sacrifice that must be done and give to ESU.

This is why every babalawo has ESU . To accept all sacrifices meant and take to the world beyond.

ESU doesn't open portal for any man or woman to pass into the other realms, that is not his Job and I have explained what ESU is meant to do in the above paragraph.

ESU is a very shy person but very playful. Playful but doesn't forget his task and roles.

ESU is a child to ORISA like OLOKUN, Elegba, OSUN and the rest of the ORISA because he was born last.

ESU doesn't support anyone doing evil because evil create unbalance in the world and it is the duty of ESU to bring balance to the world. If anyone is doing evil on anyone either through thought and actions, either using some powers or whatever, ESU would go there to create balance.

If any man uses evil stuff on you, ESU is there for you to give you justice and creating balance in the world.

There are task in the realm bigger than what ESU can do.

When a fight broke out between two or more ORISA and it is causing imbalance in the universe.

ESU cannot interfere in such matters of other ORISA , remember he is younger than them all and therefore doesn't have much to say .

ESU cannot support those who are fighting and cannot go against them. He doesn't take sides.

Someone was supposed to be giving a title in the spirit realm, one fractions of the ORISA said it is time, another fractions said this person has a debt to pay. Fight and argument broke out.

This man went to ESU to give him justice, but ESU didn't have a word for him.

ESU replied him and said, you want me to take side but I can't.

That is where his father comes in. 

Elegba has no feeling for anyone be it spirit, ORISA or entity. He just cleared everything...

He sactter everything for everyone.

He doesn't send anyone.

So they gave this man his title and they uses 20 white plate full of IFA for this one man.

I know everyone in this planet everyone has one IFA, but when you enter some realms you would see some people that are so mighty in power that they used 50 IFA plate.

There is power inside this world,it is where you reached, your understanding would also reached.

You can consult IFA if people in other realms have more than one IFA to confirmed...

Elegba can destroy the world and nobody can questions him, this is one of the reason why they created ESU. 

To stay in the middle of every thing good and bad, none destructive like his father.

ESU is not a destructive force, he just make sure there is balance.

He just make sure humans don't cheat each other and he make sure that sacrifices from babalawo are well taken to OLODUMARE.

ESU is everywhere but Elegba can't be in all houses because he is very principled and very strict that he doesn't give a damn.

If you as a devotee of Elegba does something wrong, he would deal with you . This is why people run away from having Elegba because their ways are not pure and if their ways are not pure, they are prone to the anger of Elegba and he would deal with them.

Many people think that Elegba is a myth and he(Elegba ) is the same as ESU .

So they thought Elegba is another name for ESU but it is not .

Those who claim to have Elegba are having ESU. Elegba is not easy to come by. You know his rules

I once thought so until I met him (Elegba).

Elegba doesn't carry sacrifices to and fro like ESU. Baba just dey relax and enjoying the cool breeze .

To be initiated into Elegba is a lot of money which is quite expensive.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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