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History of Agbodere


 History of Agbodere


Do you know that there’s an Orisa that represents snakes in Yoruba cosmology?



The Orisa is called Àgbóderè (Agbodere).




There is a story attached to this ORISA.

Back in the days, there was a great Hunter who used to turn to Snake, a giant snake anytime it wants to go and Hunt.



Before the Hunter would turn to Snake, there is one Concoction (Agbo) the Hunter would Bath himself, after bathing he would turn to a big giant Snake before going for Hunting.




After Hunting, the Giant Snake would have to bath in the Agbo to turn back to Human.




His Fellow Hunters and Friends are always Jealous of his Hunt because anytime he comes back from Hunting, he (Agbodere) comes with a lots of Animals which he shared with friends and Family.



Little did he knows that they have a wicked plan for Him. 



His Fellow hunters followed him quietly to where he put his Agbo that helps him to turn to Giant Snake, they remained silent till he went for his Hunt as Usual.

The broke and shattered the Agbo into pieces, leaving nothing for him after which they went for their own hunting.
Agbodere came back from Hunting to turn back to his Usual Self, only for him to see that his Agbo has been smashed and broken.




His Friends who could not spend much time while hunting has already came back before him, Hiding and waiting for Agbodere's next move.



Agbodere was left speechless when his Fellow hunters came out of Hiding to mock him, the noise and news of the Great Snake Hunter who couldn't turn to his Human self went faster than air.
His wife and Children Came to him crying and he gave them instructions on how to communicate with him if they ever needed him.
Agbodere has been the Family ORISA of many Families Today. 

Those who worshipped him Today still see him especially if a new born baby is Born, Agbodere is always there rounding and round the new born baby for a speculated period of time, enriching the new born baby with Protections,  Powers, knowledge and insight needed for the Child's Journey Ahead.

No wonder in Nigerian Medical signs or symbol, you will see Snake in their Logo.

Snakes symbolises Birth, death and Rebirth. The non ending Circles of Life. 

Agbodere has been with us but we failed to see it.

The Orisa stands for justice and equality,  love and togetherness.

The Overall Knowledge of the Orisas is vast and wide,  you only get it when you truly seek it.
Written by
OLU AJE òmó Àgbóderè (Agbodere).

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