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Who is a Babalawo?


 Meaning of Babalawo


The Babaláwo (literally, “father of secrets”) is the interpreter of the oracular message in Ifá system. The Yorùbá regard the Babaláwo as both guardians of Ifá oral text and custodians of all paraphernalia of Ifá divination. .

An aspiring Babaláwo is expected to commit to memory a great number of legends and stories that are associated with the odù, a process that may take many years. Thus, some people have always insinuated that the office of a Babaláwo necessarily suggests 
an elderly person.

However, young men have been 
found to be good practitioners of Ifá divination; if a Babaláwo is regarded as a man of sagacious intellect, he merits that compliment not because of his age but because of his resourcefulness.

Today, many scholars have shown that Ifá is not a completely esoteric system or a mere religious and 
mythic discourse. The system is appreciated as a Yorùbá traditional body of knowledge that embraces history, science, medicine, folklore, and philosophy.

As a complete Yorùbá philosophy, for instance, Ifá oral text is a repository of such fundamental philosophical issues as existence, nature of reality, knowledge, and 
human conduct.

Exposition of Ifá Literary Corpus. Ìbàdàn 

-Ọmọ́tádé Adégbindin

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