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Akose IFA

What is Akose Ifa?

Akose Ifa is a combination of materials that are used for spiritual healing of the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

 There are various categories of IFA medicine that are used and serves as a major part of the IFA healing process work for an individual/devotee/Priest. 

Akose can be in the form of soap, powders, creams, oils and many more..?

When Can I Use Akose IFA Medicine?

Akose is used after you receive a IFA divination and have done ebo ritual .

This way the IFA Priest Babalawo or Iyanifa are able to specifically customised the IFA Medicine to your personal needs according to the divination. Every one's destiny is different, we do not walk the same path. 

But when we listen and have trust in the system of IFA we begin to see more clearly who and what our purpose is on earth..?

How will I know that I need akose..? 

Akose Ifa is recommended after one makes the prescribed ebo for an Odu Ifa that has appeared for them during an Ifa divination. 

An Ifa priest will usually make the medicine for their clients after ebo has been performed..? 

How Many times A Day can  I use the Akose IFA Medicine?

Instructions are given once you receive the IFA Medicine

Who Makes The Akose?

This is done by trained IFA Priests

What is IFA Akose Medicine Used For?

This IFA medicine is used for many reasons, for all aspects of life such as health, long life, victory, financial gain, protection against enemies or negative forms of witchcraft, enhance love life, there are Akose Ifa medicines used for everything illnesses or healing aspect you can think of.

What Is Akose IFA Medicine Made From?

Akose Ifa makes use of herbs, leaves, roots, feathers, and Ifa powder to produce the necessary medicine to enhance ones spiritual and physical objectives.

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