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Èṣù Òdàrà is the Divine Messenger of Transformation. 

This aspect of Èṣù is closely associated with Ifá. All Ifá initiates receive Èṣù Òdàrà as a part of "Itefa", which is the Yorùbá word for "Ifá Initiation".

 The reason for this is because Ifá priests are the guardians of the vast spectrum of Awo (Mysteries) associated with spiritual growth and transformation. 

These Mysteries are preserved in the Odu (scripture) that are used as the basis for Ifá divination. 

Whenever Ifá divination is performed, Èṣù Òdàrà is generally one of the first Spirits that is invoked.

In Ifá and Òrìṣà, ritual transformation is associated with the element of fire. 

When Èṣù Òdàrà is fed, it is common to use burning palm oil to raise the Àṣẹ (spiritual power) needed to invoke spiritual growth.

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