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This ODU Teaches you and I to be sincere in all we do, OGBE-OSÁ Admonishes everyone to abstain from telling lies, OGBE-OSÁ speaks about sincerity in all of our activities. 

Orúnmìlà bárámí Agboniregun who brought the words of olodumárè to the planet earth lives a life worth emulating that was the reason he was able to succeed in all he does and at the same time he was able to conquer all his adversaries. 

Let us listen to what the ODU says

Púró púró kú
Okú sí Igbo iná
Síkásiká kú
Okú sí odan oorun
Sotító sitító kú
Okú gbèdèmùké
Oféyin ti amu iléké
Árá opuro ki n bálé
Mo sotitó, Árá romí gbédégbédé
Ádiffá òmò èniyàn ni ójó ti won ti ìkólé orun
Wá si ilé ayé, Orúnmìlà ni otitó ni ki won o má sé ti won bá dé ilé ayé
Sotító,sododo, ení sotító ni irumole n gbé.

The lair died
He died in the deep forest of fire
The wicked died 
He died in the savanna of hot sun
A truthful man died
He died peacefully, and he was resting his back on a pot of beads
He who ok lies has no peace of mind
I say the truth and I felt comfortable
Cast divination for Human beings when coming from heaven down to planet earth
Orúnmìlà advised them to be sincere, truthful and faithful in all they would do on earth because it he that is truthful that would be supported by the deities...

If you carefully listen to this beautiful message, you will understand what Olodumárè is passing across to you and I. 

Let's us learn to be truthful in all we do so that we can have the back up of the olodumárè. 

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