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Importance of ORISA beads

Orisa bead/necklace 

The Yoruba typically turn to a babalawo (diviner) when seeking advice or faced with an illness. 

The necklace for Ifa is 'the grand priest and custodian of the Ifa Oracle', i.e. the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge and divination) is used by babalawos to signify their importance in the community (almost comparable to kings and chiefs of a village) and also can been use for people's  protection after the consecration of this beads.

Beaded objects are usually reserved for royalty in Yorubaland, but the importance of babalawos in communicating with Orishas is underpinned by the possession of beaded items and powerful medicines are sewn into the miniature pouches on either end of the necklace to protect the babalawo  and everyone that wear it from witches and ensure his continued power. 

When the necklace is worn, the beaded 'medicine' pouches rest in the base of the babalawo's neck and also on his chest.

Beads manifest the beauty and magnificence of the orisas. 

In ancient Yorubaland, beads were considered a status symbol--a marker of power and economic well-being. 

Today beads continue to be highly valued for their specific relations with individual orishas And those bead have their own different name calling with their own orisa,.

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