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AFARAFA (Myth and truth about fast-forward destiny

AFARAFA (Myth and truth about fast-forward destiny) 

What you are about to read is a core truth and nothing more. This information is 89% accurate which means that it is true except for some freaky exceptions. 

AFARAFA means to fast forward glory or bring closer what seems to be far in human destiny or achievements. 

Our ordeal and bargain with ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ differs from one person to another and that's why it is said to be true in 89% of people. 

When we are born, many people are destined to be great, rich at the age of 40 while others are to be great at 45. 

There are some people who are destined to be great at a younger age below the age of 40. E.g 25. Such people who naturally become great at such a young age are often destined to die young. While those who are destined to be great at 40-45 are often destined to live longer. 

Life is beautiful in its complexity that it is very difficult to have it all except in rare cases. 

It is often said that Life begins at 40, this is because Man would have passed through a lots of trials and errors before reaching the age of 40 and would have acquired a lot of good and bad experiences about Life. 

Also, a fool at 40 is a fool forever. If at the age of 40 you are not able to make a firm decision, if at 40 you still don't know where your life is going or what you want, you will remain in that state till you might die. 

There are some advantages that will not come to you except you are 40 according to Yoruba beliefs. 

Let's take for an instance a Family that has calabash of wealth (IGBA AJE) that is given to each member of the Family or selected individual based on the tradition, this calabash would not be giving to anyone that has not reached the age of 40.

While we are all in hurry to make it big in life, ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ has created in us what we needed to survive before that time reaches but because of pressure, pressure from friends and family we want to be at the same level with others when we don't know whether they are among those who will be rich at a younger age but not having a longer life. 

AFARAFA is when you at a tender age or any age wants to draw your destiny closer to you than your predestined time. 

You are 20 years of age and you want to be rich when it is destined for you to be rich at 45, AFARAFA would draw your destiny closer and cutting off 20 years away from your life span because AFARAFA would transport you to your 45 years spiritually while you are still at 20 physically. 

There are consequences to this action, you have not acquired the necessary experience physically and spiritually to maintain such wealth and glory, so many would failed it's utilization. 

Apart from this, AFARAFA might consume part of your lifespan while transporting you spiritually to 40. Which means apart from the initial 25 years cut off, there might be additional 10 years used during the process 

and finally there may be bargain of compensation for the job well done which will also cost some lifespan of 10.
So far so good, you have spend 25+10+10 =45 years out of your life to be rich. 

If your current age is 20, add it to 45 Years,
It would be 65 years. 

If such person has 90 years to live, though the person is still 20 years old but have spent 65years out of the 90 years (20 years in real life + 45 years AFARAFA), the person still have 25 more years to Live. 

That means such person might die physical at the age of 45 years. Such person would die when he is supposed to start enjoying life. 

There are some cases ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ would not approve AFARAFA for an individual because he has a special plan for such people. 

AFARAFA is what most prophets, Alfa and Babalawo do for most people who are in a hurry to make it in Life. 

Those who join some secrets cults to get fame, this is what they do for them and they become rich but die young. 

Thank you. 

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