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AKUDAAYA (Meaning and Explanation)

Meaning of Akudaaya  

Are you looking for the Yoruba meaning of the word AKUDAAYA? look no further as we would tell you what it means. 

AKUDAAYA is a Yoruba word that translate to ghost. 

When I said ghost, I didn't mean white spirit or a spirit with nobody tormenting people up and down. 

AKUDAAYA is referring to someone who did not finish his/her destined years on earth, someone who is yet to fulfilled destiny, someone who is to live maybe a 100 years before death but eventually died earlier than that predestined 100 years. 

After the death of such person, they are given chances to live elsewhere and fulfilled the destiny that was once stolen from them. 

In their new life , new destined life which they are opportune to go,  AKUDAAYA are not born afresh like a baby, they just appeared out of thin air into their new community or environment. 

AKUDAAYA don't have to wait for 9 month before they are born afresh, No. They just appeared .

A person can die in Ogun State and reappear in Ibadan to serve and finished the predestined years allocated to him/her.

Predestined choices vary from one person to another, mostly AKUDAAYA would occur if the person is yet to have a child, get married, etc depending on the death person's fantasy that was taken away. 

In this new life, AKUDAAYA are always Powerful, wealthy and almost unstoppable. 

Not all who died prematurely had the chance to be AKUDAAYA. 

It is Believed that those who was given the chance to come back and fulfilled destiny has something to trade for. 

Hot death (IKU GBONA) and fantasy are one of the reason for AKUDAAYA. 

Some people are destined to die young while other are destined to die old. Only God knows our choice when we are coming to this world. 

We have to be careful in our dealings, some people who are destined to die young might want to take few people with them when going or put their death as a blame on somebody. 

How to know if someone is AKUDAAYA? 

If you are not a student of IFA or not an ORISA practitioners, it would be hard to know such people because they blend well among us and we can't know. 

If you are a worshiper of ÔRISÂ, you would see them and know them, they would also know you but you can't talk about their to anyone. 

If you are not IFA practioner you would not know if someone is AKUDAAYA. One thing is for sure, they have a lot of secrets and you need to be patient. 

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