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Differences between ORISA OSUN and YEMOJA

Differences between ORISA OSUN and YEMOJA 

Have seen many people mistaking OSUN for YEMOJA and vice versa. 

For simple minds and simplicity I have compiled this differences for your own safety and understanding. 

It was not easy because I have to take their permission to write this out. I am a traveller of IFA spiritual realm and that's why I wrote about ÔRISÂ that we knew and those that have been forgotten. 

OSUN and YEMOJA are my Mother and I can never forget what they have done for me. 

Without further writing let us go straight to the differences between OSUN and YEMOJA (I already wrote about the Similarities between ORISA OSUN and YEMOJA )

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ created OSUN  first before creating YEMOJA. So this means that OSUN has been in existence long before YEMOJA. 

YEMOJA is also known as Mermaid with many of her kinds and children in various water bodies across the universe. 


OSUN is attributed to a River in OSUN and it's believe to be the source of OSUN. This doesn't mean that OSUN resides only in OSUN, or doesn't have her connection with other water bodies. NO. 

OSUN was sent with other IRUMOLE to come and teach people about livelihood. 

In one of her myth, OSUN was once a beautiful woman living among humans who married Sango before she transform into ORISA.

OSUN is referred to as Venus while YEMOJA is reference as Moon. 

The ODU IFA that talks about YEMOJA is ODI Meji

YEMOJA is more reference as the Mother of Nature while OSUN is more reference as the goddess of fertility. 

There are plenty YEMOJA across the waters, while there is only one OSUN inside the water. 

If you are opportune to visit the ocean, you could see what no man can see, understand what could not understood. 

In the classification of water bodies, YEMOJA 's place is closer to the surface while OSUN's palace is farther below. 

That is why everyone would see YEMOJA but no one can say they saw or see OSUN. 

OSUN'S children are sometimes referred to as YEMOJA. 

OSUN always visit the human race, she always come to see her friends, children, kings and everyone. 

In most cases OSUN  comes to beg for favour from Human beings who prays for children, wealth and others. But most people always failed her test because they don't know how to give alms to the poor. Nevertheless, OSUN would still grant their request. 

OSUN is more forgiving than YEMOJA. If you promise OSUN and you didn't fulfilled your promise, OSUN would not fight you because she knew you would still come back soon enough. 
While YEMOJA would deal with you mercilessly for not fulfilling promise. 

OSUN doesn't give condition anytime you make a request while YEMOJA would prefer to make a trade, something for something because YEMOJA knew you might not fulfilled your promise. 

OSUN is more spoken than YEMOJA, OSUN would give you hints and warning for your stupid acts and behaviours while YEMOJA would not say anything rather YEMOJA would act instead of talking. 

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