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How to communicate with your Egbe

How to communicate with your Egbe

It's easy to communicate with your EGBE Orun if you are initiated and giving them what they request of you. 

To communicate with your EGBE Orun if you are initiated , just call on them like this 
My EGBE Orun,(eyin EGBE MI O).

I want to do this and that or better still make your request. 

Note that your EGBE Orun are always with you if you are already initiated. 

Your EGBE Orun will commute back to you in your dream and if you don't see your EGBE Orun you will notice that things would begin to change based on your request. 

They might write a pen for you and drop it somewhere you can see it. 

If you are not yet initiated, your EGBE Orun would try and communicate with you in your dreams trying to let you know you belong to then. 

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