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ORISA AJE (meaning according to Yoruba cosmology)

In Yoruba culture and spirituality Orisa Aje is known as female offspring of Olokun . 

Hence Orisa Aje is been refer to as Aje Olokun , better put in Ifa spiritual parlance Aje Olokun Seni Ade.

It is believe in Yoruba spirituality that Orisa Aje is the spiritual energy that is in charge and control of creation and maintenance of wealth . 

It is deemed to be the spiritual energy and force in charge of trade , commerce , finance and other economic and financial related activities .

 It is believed that the spiritual energy of Orisa Aje is feminine . As a result of the important of the nature of this Orisa energy . 

From time immemorial people have always try to create nexus between them and Orisa Aje to be able to live a life free from financial stress .

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