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Facts about Osanyin

Check out 15 amazing facts about Òsanyìn ( Tutelary divinity of medicine)

1: He was appointed as the patron of health

2: He is known as the divinity of medicine in whose custody healthcare delivery system is because he is an expert in herbal medicine.

3: He is said to be a servant of Orunmila who helped Orunmila in the herbal responsibilities.

4: No irunmole is as versatile as Òsanyìn in the field of medicine.

5: History has it that Orunmila, Sango, Ogun, to mention a few later become Òsanyìn students in the area of medicinal herbs.

6: Òsanyìn was the only irunmole who was not initiated into IFA among the 801 Irunmole.

7: Being a vertriloquent, he enjoyed the reputation of a divinity that knows the innermost secrets of human heart and pronounces them via the mouth of his devotees that practices a type of divination different from IFA.

8:  He is worshipped by the herbalists called "ONÍSÈGÙN" among the Yoruba.

9: The commonest symbol of Òsanyìn is what is called "ÒPÁ ÒSANYÌN" (Òsanyìn's staff) which has at least three branches at the top and made of iron.

10: Other symbol of Òsanyìn are human images carved with Orúrù wood ( Spathodes Campanulata). These images are usually prepared in herbs and dressed in clothes.They are called Ère Òsanyìn ( Òsanyìn statue).

11: Òsanyìn grove is usually situated inside the IFA grove. It is inside this grove that  Òsanyìn is fed ( This also emphasizes the affinity of Òsanyìn with Orunmila).

12: Palm frond is usually tied round the grove.

13: Òsanyìn feeding materials are:
• Alligator pepper
• Kolanut/bitter kola
• Liquor, water
• Snail, hen, pigeon, ewe, goat.
• Ground and cooked white beans.

14: Taboos are:
• Palm kernel oil
• Roasted corn
• Tobacco (smoking, snuffing or licking)
• Camwood usage and Native chalk.

15:Mode of worship: Òsanyìn is usually fed through IFA. Whenever IFA is fed, it is believed that Òsanyìn had also been fed. He is fed while kneeling before IFA shrine.

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