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Obi divination patterns and Meaning (How to read Obi formations and its meanings)

All divinities accept kolanut but that of Sango is exception as he prefers Orogbo (bitter kola).

 I have been messaged any some practitioners in the diaspora having some difficulties in reading the formation and meaning of the kola nuts when it is been propitiated to any Orisa or Ifa.

Communication with the spiritual energies is very essential as a true devotee. 

We need them (deities) to keep us updated in every ramification of our lives, what to watch out for what not to, to get your valid bothered question(s) answered among whatever.

This we ascertain by some tools which Kola nut is one of. An item that is multi-purposed in it own right, serves as food to the deities and also a medium of communication to keep in touch.

However, the kola nut reading is not as hard as you think it is. It only requires you to understand the formation whenever it is thrown to the ground which takes probably a week or two for you to master depending on how fast you learn.

I decided to come up with this simple guideline to follow which i believe could solve your problem.

 So good news! You don’t have to call on any babalawo or babalorisa to help you out, it high you “Do-it-Yourself”.

In kola nut divination, most especially that of four lobes is used and then one or two obi may be used to carry out the task of feeding or propitiation.

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