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Worshipping / feeding your EGUNGUN without Babalawo


Sometimes, Egungun requests for specific feeding materials, and sometimes the propitiator is the one who decides what he is willing to offer. 

This depends on the directive he’s being given by Ifa or Egungun.

Okay, let’s go to our main reason; How to Propitiate/feed Egungun

Step 1

This is a step necessary not only in the feeding of Egungun but when feeding all deities.

The reason for Libation is that, it is one the process in invoking the spirit of your Ancestor to listen to you painstakingly and also which happens to be a polite way of approaching them.

So, how do you go about this?

Take a half shot of gin without swallowing and then splash it three on the Egungun icon with the following chant

Èrí sẹ̀
Here comes the Morning dew
Bí èrí bá sẹ̀, ewé oko á jí

When the morning dew appears, all the plants will wake
You will take the same quantity of water and repeat the same chant

Step 2

Here is when to be specific as regards the particular spirit(s) you want to summon and also state the reason why you need their attention.

How do you do this?

Beat your left or right hand on the Earth three times and recite this.

Ilẹ̀ mó pè ọ (3x).
Meaning: Earth I call upon you (3x)
Egún mó pè ọ (3x)

Meaning: Ancestors, I call you)
You then call the name of your Ancestor maybe it’s your dead father or mother or grannies. 

For example, am going to use the name of my late grandfather, Adeboye Oyesanya:

Adéboyè mó pè ọ (3x)
Meaning: Adeboye I call on you
Mi ò pè ọ fún Ẹ̀gbà (3x)
I do not call you for loss (3x)
Mi ò pè ọ fún Ìjà (3x)

I do not call you for a fight (3x)
Mi ò pè ọ fuń Ese (3x)
I do not call you for Tragedy (3x)
Mi ò pè ọ fún Àìṣèrí (3x)

I do not call you for Failure (3x)
Mi ò pè ọ fún Gbogbo Ajogun (3x)
I do not call you for all Evils (3x)
Ire ni mo pè ọ fún (3x)

I call you for goodness
Kí o wá jẹ́ mi sí Àìkú (3x)
Come answer me with longevity (3x)
Kí o wá jẹ́ mi sí Owó (3x)
Come answer me with Prosperity (3x)

Kí o wá jẹ mi sí Aya/Oko (3x)
Come answer me with Wife/husband (as applicable) (3x)
Kí o wá jẹ mi sí Ọmọ (3x)

Come answer me with children (3x)
Kí o wá jẹ mi sí Àláàfíà (3x)
Come answer me with Good health (3x)
Kí o wá jẹ́ mi sí Aṣeyọrí (3x)

Come answer me with Success (3x)
Kí o wá jẹ mi s´i Ire-gbogbo (3x)
Come answer me with all blessings (3x)

Step three

Having said this, you move on to next, which is where you say your prayers. This place you have to know requires a delicate and detailed approach because all that you say is believed to come to pass.

You, therefore, have to state why you are propitiating Egungun, what you expect them to do for you as regards the reason and other personal prayers you may desire.

After this, you then support your prayer(s) with some Ifa stanzas or verses that have to do with Egungun.

Here are a few I provided for you.
Ìdin wòrì ni kò jẹ́ kí wọn ó pa lọ
Idin wori prevents them from expressing the tales

Adífáfún Égúndèyí ọmọ òkú Ọ̀run
Cast Divination for Egundeyi, offspring of the Ancestor

Ẹ̀yin kò mọ̀ pé Egúngún lorò ilé wa
You all don’t know that Egungun is the deity of our Heritage

-------------Idin-Iwori -----------

The second chant is I extracted from Irente-gbe (Ogbe)
Kátẹ̀ẹ́ ká fi gbè é

Let’s print it to support it
Adífáfún Òkúfíjàdùgbèmí ọmọ Òkú Ọ̀run
Cast divination for the “Dead supports me”, offspring of Ancestor

Mo bọ egúngun elégúngún
I propitiate the Ancestor
Mo bọ eegun eléegun
I propitiate the Spirit
Ọ̀rọ̀ mi afìjàdugbè

I am always protected
Gbogbo ìwàrẹ̀wàrẹ̀ ọ̀run wọ́n láwọn ó gba èyí tí mo ṣe
All the Dwellers of Heaven assure me that my sacrifice shall be accepted

-------------Irete-Ogbe ------------------------

Step four

That being completed, we move to give Egungun the feeding material we set aside.

Before that, you have to throw obi/orogbo (kola nuts/bitter kola) to know if your request and prayer have been accepted. This you know through the obi formation when thrown.

After it has been accepted, you then give egungun all or some of the obi (depending on your choice) and along with other materials you set aside.

If accepted, give thanks to Egungun and if not, find out why via Obi and then fill in the

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