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Ancient and Traditional ways of Praying to ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ

Ancient and Traditional ways of Praying to ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ 

Many people think that ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is a myth. While other thought he only existed in thought. 

Even those who are isese never for once acknowledged him, my guess Is that they believe he is no go area. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is not hiding .

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ is ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ cannot be given any other name like God as seen or heard in other religion .

I don't know who God is in other religion and the followers of such religion never question or enquire about who their God is. 

Communication with ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ has been lost with civilization and civilization has given birth to various religion with each religion teaching and telling us how to communicate with their God. 

There is no particular format for praying to ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

Start the prayer with ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ, ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ I thank you for this.... (prayer of appreciation)

And follow whatever comes to our mind. 

But after prayer say

In ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ name I pray.. Ase

Even if you an isese.. Acknowledge ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ first before proceeding to ORISA. 

This is how it is done and always done. 

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