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Prayer to OLOKUN

Denden laa Bolu
Denden laa bosin
Denden laa bolorisa toun tiko

Adifafun Olokun

Nijo omi olokun ko to lati we ikasi òwùrò

Gbogbo omí wá gbáríjo, was forí f'ólòkun

Olókun mà làgbà.


Olu is usually robed in white garment

Òsin is usually robed in white garment

Devotees of divinity is usually robed in white 
garment decorated with parrots feathers.

Cast divination for olokun

When Olokun's water is not enough to take bath in the morning

Rivers were channeled towards olokun .

Olokun became the king of them all.

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