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Difference between consultation and Interview


 Difference between consultation and Interview 

We have seen many people claiming to be prophet or Spiritual father or spiritual mother, some even claim to be Muslim clerics.

It doesn’t matter what you choose but there is a lot of differences between consultation snd Interview .

You went to meet someone for spiritual help smd solution and all what they do was sit you and asking questions .

If you have been to such places or you found yourself in such places, just know that there is no solution from them, they are trying to get an idea on what your problem may be and they will use their head to permutate what could be the possible solution.

In this case, what the prophet or spiritualist think is the solution might not be the solution. 

And they continue to use this method of trial and error to find out what is wrong using you as experiments.

Where as

In consultation, they ask you yoir full name and your mother’s name.

Now each Babalawo has his own method, some Babalawo would tell you the problem , what causes problems and the solution.

Some other Babalawo would tell you the solutions to your problem.

Everyone has his method that works for them snd they have their Orisa which is more powerful than the other.

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