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Feed your Head according to your Star and IFA


 Feed your Head according to your Star and IFA

Feeding your Head can make ways for you, it would energize you spiritually such that you will have the spiritual strength to fight spiritual battles and win.

But we have Bad people who taught they knew it all

They read books about stars and they think they can feed your head on your behalf. Who gave them authority?

Some people have feed their head a million times and nothing have changed , that is because the people who feed your head for you are using the wrong method or they don’t have spiritual authority to do it.

We have four Major stars and their are various way of feeding those stars.

After IFA CONSULTATION, IFA would reveal the method to feed your head.

In any cases don’t attempt to do it yourself because of Authority, even if you want to do it. You need someone with authority to give you the the authority and spiritual backing to do it.

Am AJE NLA, if you want to feed your head to win spiritual battles of Life, i can do it for you .

Contact me on whatsap +2347031178647

You can come and i do it for you or you buy ingredients and i pass the authority from here doing some concoction and spiritual work to mske it effective wherever you are.

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