Saturday, October 21, 2023

Do you know that we have Many Esu? Get in Here


 Do you know that we have Many Esu? Get in Here

Today is Saturday, the say delegated for Esu.

Don’t forget that Esu is not Satan.

We have written many articles about Esu on

Today we are taking about Esu.

Just like YEMOJA, we have Many ESU.

Yemoja is a Family name, we have more than 1 million YEMOJA in the Ocean. 

The Same way we have more than 5 ESU.

I can’t say categorically how many ESU there is, i cant say that this is the number of ESU we have.

All i know is that we have plenty ESU.

And eqch ESU has their own functions.

ESU is like a surname and that is why each ESU has a surname and its own name. Their various identity name depends on their location and the kind of task assigned to them.

We have ESU at every T-junction, we called this ESU ,ESU ORITA. He is always at every T-junction of every in every localities, state,country and world.
I cant tell you the JOB OF ESU ORITA.

We also have ESU LAALU



and many more like that.

Many worshippers don’t really know the difference and they believe they are the same thing but they are not.

They are all Family with one Esu has the head of all ESU.

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All my article are written with normal approval of this ORISA.

To put you through.

Ire ooooo

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