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Seventh heaven, It's Location and The Orisa Therein

Seventh heaven, It's Location and The Orisa Therein 

Seventh heaven is real and only the spiritual traveller can go there unless when you die. 

You cannot get to the seventh heaven unless you go through the first heaven,  from the first heaven you enter the second heaven and till you reach the seventh heaven.

To get to the first heaven,  you will travel to the end of the world and pass through the Gate which is located at the entrance of the brightest star. 

There are trillions of star in the sky,  to get to know the brightest star, you will need a spirit navigator to guide you in closing the brightest star. 

Only the brightest star has the entrance into the first heaven.  After passing through the gate at the brightest star,  you will enter into another world called the first heaven.

I can't give you the full load down of how to get to the second till you reach the seventh heaven. 

All I know is that it is a mystery which will never be resolve and only few people have been there.

At the seventh heaven,  all what is inside I'd plenty water and a lot of fruits of various specie and trees. 

The water in the seventh heavens is different from what we have in this world and therefore a home for many ORISA which include 

777, a giant and powerful spirit for deliverance

OSUMARE - A snake like ORISA that love to bath in heavenly water and very powerful.  He brings about change in weather conditions. 

This are few of what I have experience on the secrets of the world .


I wrote this article in strict supervision of My Godfather,  OLOKUN and my Fathers OBATALA

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