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Spiritual debt - The source of Many Problems


 Spiritual debt - The source of Many Problems 

Many people claimed to have knowledge but they are just crawling.

Till now nobody has been able to explain why some people with little or no effort are making it better and in a bigger way than those of us struggling, working harder and even more prayerful or spiritual than them.

It is simple.

You own a lot of spiritual debt. There is a lot of spiritual debt on your neck, and you must pay them before you proceed or make it in Life.

Whether we agree or not, many if us are as Old as the planet earth itself but we don’t know and we are not ready for that discussion yet.

There is this pull that pulls us towards some people and it also pull us away from some people. You can’t explain it.

The good you do and the Bad you do are always recorded on your soul.

The moment you die, you face something like a board of directors comprising of all the Orisa and IRUMOLE.

You appear there , its always done in the court of ESU the judge while OBATALA owns the system,

ESU would judge you based on what you have done good or Bad


OBATALA will pass the verdict of returning you back to earth either poor or rich or as an animal 

If you are send back Poor, that means you have a lot of debt to pay.

While you are struggling to make it, you are gradually clearing up your spiritual debt.

Depending on the level of your crime, some are born blind, deaf , cripple and all sort of deformities.

Some people with greater debt are sent as animals.

And those without deformities find it hard to make it.

They send you to a worse country like Nigeria in Africa or country where you would work and Pay your debt.

The Orisa are here to help so many people out but people would rather go to church where they tell them lies about generational curses.

If you are born in a family of great curses, you are one of those who created the curses and you are sent back into the family to reap and eat from what you created some years back.

You are what you created, its the karma of Life.

You are suffering from a million years debt iver the years.

Some people tried to travel and they got sent back, you haven’t paid your debt.

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