Sunday, October 22, 2023

Stop fighting witches and wizards if you want to make it in Life


 Stop fighting witches and wizards if you want to make it in Life

Many of us has been lie to, many of us have been told to fight all wishes and wizard.

If OLODUMARE Doesn’t want the witches and wizards to exist, he would not created them in the first place.

Many of your Pastor would say rubbish in public and later went inside to beg them.

The truth is that the witches and wizard are not your enemy.

To have triumphed in Life, you just have to recognize them and pay tribute. So simple and your battles are Over.

The purpose of their creation is not mine to say or explain, all i know is that they bring balance to the world.

The more you fight them, the more your troubles.

Many of you lack manners and respect, they are there to teach you your lesson.

Many of you have learn your lesson the hard way while some are still learning . Some would soon learn.

Pay them their tributes and thats all.

Only a qualified BABALAWO can prepared their tribute.

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