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The Orisa Called 777 and its Power in Deliverance


 The Orisa Called 777 and its Power in Deliverance 

Yes you heard me right.

There is an ORISA CALLED 777.

He was known to few and many thinks its fake.

Many people only sing Meje Meje.

In some churches like Celestial and Cherubim, 777 is always invoke during their deliverance session.

777 is a mighty ORISA of warrior and he loves people to invoke and involve him in spiritual battles.

If you want to invoke him, you would need 7 items in seven places.

You can buy 7 candles which are all white 

Buy 7 different perfumes

Buy 7 different incense.

And you call him into the battles of your Life.

The method above is just a simple way of inviting 777 though. haven’t said the full details of how to invite 777 in the above method. 

If you want the full recipe contact AJE NLA WHATSAPP +2347031178647

We can also invoke him in ISESE WAY.

777 only works with the upright, though may churches and prophet are not pure there by loosing graps of what 777 can do.

777 represents 7 stars,7 earth, Seven heavens

Their Power is more than what i can say.

I am AJE NLA, writer of the ORISA

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