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Who is death - Get lectured about the unknown


 Who is death - Get lectured about the unknown 

Nobody can talk about death because people don’t know what it is all about. Don’t worry i will tell you who death is.

Death is a soul collector, he harvest soul and collect those soul back to OLODUMARE.

Death work hand in hand with ESU and with other ORISA.

Death is predictable and unpredictable.

Some people predict their death because of the path they choose to take.

If you found yourself in a wrong club or cult, there is every tendency that you might die younger than normal.

Death kill those who are not in tune with their creator and IFA. Have not seen Babalawo die young, have you seen one? Those who die are those who are into something else.

The truth is the moment you are initiated into IFA, automatically the Orisa of your head add few more years to your years. The Orisa of your head try as much as Possible to negotiate on your behalf. The Orisa of your head give you some of their essence since they have been in existence for ages. That is why you have to stay current in IFA. You have to Obey all IFA rules and regulation, appropriating and feeding your orisa at the right time . In turn they protect you from sudden death and other evils.

Whether you like it or not, you become the sons and daughter of death after initiation.

Those who are not initiated are at their own perils, they die any time.

Can we say death is Partial ? NO.

Those who are into evil doing, death is sent from OLODUMARE to harvest their soul, those who did money ritual. Nobody can exlain why they alwyas dies early.

The reason is simple, OLODUMARE is against shortcut, those who are looking for shortcut pay with the essence and their life force which is reduced and they die.

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