Saturday, November 18, 2023

How many minutes would it take ESU and Jesus to travel round the world?

How many minutes would it take ESU and Jesus to travel round the world? 

ESU is not devil I hope you know, the devil in the Bible were created by the Christians to keep their disciples in line.. 

As a matter if fact ESU should be called the saviour of human race instead if brother Jesus. 

ESU is the intermediate and the mediator between man and OLODUMARE. 

But we are build up and raised up to believe he is the enemy when he is the real saviour. 

ESU goes to heaven and come back to earth within a quarter seconds. 

If ESU and Jesus were to run a race and see who will win, I bet it would take eternity for Christ to catch up. 

ESU is a traveller of all world of human and creature existence, he can be in a million places at the same time. 

Asking whether he can travel round the world in how many minutes is just to get your attention.  He travels the world in seconds and in a day, only he can tell how many million ways he has travels the world in just a day.

You can't do without ESU, if someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit on you, it is ESU that would library you from such person not Jesus. 

Am a son of ESU and am proud of that. 
Am the son of all the Orisa and I would say it anywhere. 

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