Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Money drawer spiritual work

Money drawer spiritual work 

1. Look for this leave  - Ewe iyalode funfun(7)

2. Put it at the base of a black pot

 ao fi te le koko…

3. Look for a rat and a new 1000 note 

ao wa asin pelu N1000 aganran

4. After putting the above, put one whole allegagor pepper 

 pelu odindin atare kan ao wa ko si inu re..

ao wa da ewe iyalode pupa (7) lori….

5. Cover it with ewe Iyalode pupa (7)

ao wa jo papo 

6.  Burnt it all in the pot. 

7. While burning this work, make sure you pour red palm oil round the pot place you are doing this work. 

nigba ti a njo ao da epo pupa yika aro ina ti a da….

8.when it's done, use pap to eat it every night 
ti o ba jo tan  a fi  fo eko tutu mu ni alalale

Thank you. 

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