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Ancient ways of taking care of your shrine and ORISA

Ancient ways of taking care of your shrine and ORISA 

The world is backwards now and everything seems good when it's not actually ok.

This article was to correct some misconduct on the way we do our shrine and feed the orisa so that we can do the right thing and get the right result.

Anywhere you placed your ORISA has automatically turned to a temple, not just the place but the whole environment including you.

You must always make sure that the place you placed your ORISA is clean at all time .

You must make sure that you light a candle and incense in the place you put your ORISA at least once in a day .

You must make sure you don't use your ORISA for evil act

You must make sure you fast on each day that you want to feed your ORISA.

This little act of taking care of the ORISA and your temple is an ancient one, and I believe you would put it into doings.

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