Monday, December 25, 2023

Are Transgender LGBTQ+ going to Hell?

Are Transgender (LGBTQ+) going to Hell ?

There is no hell anywhere.

Hell was a friction created by those who commercialized religion to create fear and throw people in the dark so that they could make a lot of Money.

I have practice many religion before I become a babalawo, In most religion there is nothing like hell.

Why would you feed on someone's fear to create am imagining hell?

Transgender LGBTQ+ are not going to hell because he'll never existed in the first place.

If you are a transgender LGBTQ and you are finding it hard to place yourself somewhere on between religion and it's stupid dogma, believe me this article is for you.

I am writing this to give you light and happiness not just a false Hope but to tell you that you have your Life to live and it is up to you to be happy or not.

Now that you know that hell doesn't exist and you are not going to hell, I think you should pour out some wine and relax.

Talking on the Moral aspect of it whether it is acceptable or not, it is acceptable and it's not a sin


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