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Transgender (LGBTQ+) and other Religion

Transgender (LGBTQ+) and other Religion

Most religion on earth are outdated, their holy book of reference is also outdated.

When those religion were born or form or created , we have a very little issue on LGBTQ+ and they were not taking into consideration.

Talking of Christianity and Islam for instance , they never addresses LGBTQ+ in the Bible , neither was it addressed in the Qur'an.

But a religion must imbibe and focused more on helping people not condemning them, most religious men of God or whatever they called themselves have not been able to find an answer to millions of questions sorrounding transgender LGBTQ+ people.

Instead of helping them with their spiritual growth they tend to condemn them and make them look like a monster of whatever.

Transgender LGBTQ+ are finding it hard to fits in a particular religion and they are searching for a religion that has acceptance towards them.

The Pope is trying to make sure the Christianity religion meet up with today's challenge and behaviors.

This prompt me to write a few topics on transgender LGBTQ+ ,may be the world would see it in a more different way and acceptable way.

The problem of this world is that we define and set standard to everything based on our preference, and anything not meeting up to that preference is termed bad or write off.

This is the case of LGBTQ+ , because they didn't meet our preference of standard, they are written off.

I come from a more religious view and to create some topics relating to IFA religion so that those who are LGBTQ+ would find a save religion that accept them for who they are .

 Am dropping a lot of articles or few on this LGBTQ topics today 


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