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Happy ESU / Eshu day - ODU IFA that talks about Esu and his Roles which you don't know before

Today we are all celebrating ESU .

To join the celebration have decided to drop some write up about esu which few or many people don't know before now.

There has been a lot of misconception about ESU and so many false writeup about ESU among the Yoruba religion Traditional people everywhere.

Lets. gooooooo

Esu in ODU Ifá is often associated with Odu Eji-Ogbe. 

Eji-Ogbe is the first Odu and is considered the source of all other Odus. 

In this context, Esu is often regarded as the dynamic force or energy that facilitates communication between the human and divine realms, acting as a messenger or intermediary not a force holding the earth in its place or some sort

Esu is not typically described in Ifá as the force specifically holding the Earth. 

In Ifá different deities and forces have distinct roles, and Esu is primarily associated with communication, crossroads, and acting as a messenger between the spiritual and earthly realms.

 The concept of a force holding the Earth is not a direct attribute of Esu in Ifá .

Esu is often associated with the concept of crossroads in the Ifá and the Odu Ose Meji is one that is particularly linked to Esu and crossroads.

 Ose Meji is the fifteenth Odu in the Ifá divination system, and it addresses various aspects of life, including the influence of Esu at crossroads

Esu's role as a messenger is commonly associated with several Odus in the Ifá and one notable Odu in this context is Odu Owonrin Ogbe.

 Owonrin Ogbe is the twenty-third Odu and is often linked to the idea of Esu as a messenger between the spiritual and earthly realms. 

No ODU Ifá attribute the role of holding the Earth in its axis to Esu.

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