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IFA says I shouldn't eat chicken but am in a place where chicken is the only food available

IFA says I shouldn't eat chicken but am in a place where chicken is the only food available

I know some folks who are IFA initiate before traveling out of the country and it is in their ODU IFA taboo not to eat chicken .

As you know, chicken is very much available abroad and easily accessible. In this case what will you do?

Have seen a lot of IFA priest run away from this particular question and some people tell them to eat the chicken and see what will happen.

There are some taboo that works in a particular time and there are some taboo that are for a life time.

In the case of those people IFA says they would not eat chicken,they need to do another consultation to ask IFA if they can still eat chicken or they should not eat chicken for the rest of their Life .

I have had this experience when I was told in the spirit not to eat a particular food, after some time I was told that I can eat this particular food I was told not to eat. It has turned to my routine habbit not to eat the food and I know it's not my taboo anymore because I have passed the days of the food seclusion. 

Hence the need to consult IFA , let's assume IFA says it's a lifetime taboo not to eat chicken till you grow old and die, what will you do?

You can opt in for other birds like turkey, ducks, goose, or other animals like rabbit etc.

If you are outside the country, there are millions of alternative you can use to replace chicken unless you are not independent, unless you are staying with someone who only eats chicken.

In this case, you might have to endure till you have your own apartment and then you can buy turkey and other animals in place of chicken.

IFA that says you should not eat chicken knows what it is doing .

Following IFA would only lead you right ..

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