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Taking pictures in the Shrine and it's effect

Taking pictures in the Shrine and it's effect 

I always look at people who took pictures at their ORISA shrine just to make a point or show off to people or whatever they think is the reason for taking pictures.

It is not appropriate and it's not a good behavior at all.

I have clients all over the world, talking of Europe, America, Asia and China and I always tell them before I proceed in doing their work or feeding of the Orisa, I always informed them ahead that I don't take pictures of my shrine neither do I take pictures in front of shrine.

Few people have tried to call me times without number to know if am in the Shrine or not, I simply reply and say.. if seeing pictures of the shrine is what would make you believe in me hold your money.  I don't care about your money, you are the one who need spiritual help and if you think I have to snap picture of the Orisa for you to believe then you can go with your problem.

Why am I not taking pictures?

Orisa don't like it.

Snapping and taking pictures of the ORISA shrine irritate the Orisa and might lead to the Orisa abandoning the shrine.

Once the Orisa Abandoned the shrine, what you have left is just an empty vessel and your spiritual work will not prove effective again.

It's a big Taboo.

Some shrine if you tried to take pictures, your phone will get spoilt because they have done what will stop you from taking pictures without them telling you because they know the implications and effects of those pictures.

Why would someone show the world that they wanted to feed an Orisa ,  why would they showed the world when they are feeding the ORISA?

Would you accept it if someone wants to give you food but first of all shows it to the world before giving you that food?

Technology has done a lot of good thing but taking pictures of your shrine is at your own peril.

This is why I look at those sharing pictures of their shrine and ORISA online and I laugh because I know it's Fake, it's not real at all. They are looking for what to eat, nothing More.

It doesn't matter if you are giving the highest chieftaincy in your area, if you are doing it then you are Fake.

I am not against the video and pictures of the ceremonies that happened after the core feeding and the secretive aspect of it.

You can take pictures of the parties and event of people gathering there to celebrate with you after the real event but taking pictures of the Orisa is an Abomination.

You should desist and repent, go and Beg the Orisa for forgiveness and don't do such act again.

I know many of you would not repent, it is not by advertising that customer would come, ESU never forsake any babalawo neither do OSUN forget you.

They would bring in your customer.

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