Sunday, December 24, 2023

I would rather celebrate ESU than celebrate Christmas - AJE NLA

I would rather celebrate ESU than celebrate Christmas - AJE NLA 

Yea you heard me right.. ESU is my fore father, he is my ancestors, he is my role model, he is my inspiration.

ESU has never disappoint me at any time, when am broke I call him and be provides for me

When wicked people of this world uses their bad energies and Power over me,ESU is always there to give me Justice .

Any time am In a cross road of some sort when I don't know what to do, ESU is always there to show me the right path.

I can't count what ESU has done for me.

ESU I love you very much.

You are my Hero.

I would rather celebrate ESU than celebrate someone who have never make an impact in my Life.

Am not sorry if it hurt your feelings.

Am ESU man, ESU boy, ESU son, ESU brother, ESU family.

Infact am small ESU.

Oh my Gosh.

Happy celebration of ESU.

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