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Why would you blame ESU for your wrong doings when you didn't praise him for your right doing?

Why would you blame ESU for your wrong doing when you didn't praise him for your right doing?

Have you ever taken actions at your own freewill ?


If yes, The rewards of actions taken at your own freewill which brings positive outcome will be accepted blindly and proudly by you, but I pondered more on why people blame the regrets that follows their actions on ÈṢÙ, hanging all the actions that comes with great consequences and regrets on Èṣù's neck .

It's so because there has been so many misconception about who ÈṢÙ is in Yoruba traditional belief system since the arrival of the Westerners during the colonial Era. 

The first misconception is due to the wrong translation given to ÈṢÙ by Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who was the black Bishop in West Africa, he equates ÈṢÙ with the DEVIL mentioned in the Bible not minding that the African Traditional Religion has been before other religions got to Africa. 

The second misconception is due to the adoption of the practices and culture of the Europeans by African societies and countries, this happened due to compulsion and their influence in crafty and dubious manners. 

The colonials painted our culture and tradition black (evil) so theirs can gain our attention. 

They spoke ill of what we had and praised what belong to them which that sticks to our people's mind.

I'm glad we have elites and intellectuals who are now ready to proclaim what Ìṣẹ̀se is and to bring clarification to things that are affecting Ìṣẹ̀se negatively. 

Now we discuss who ÈṢÙ is and His roles to bring clarity.

Let's celebrate ESU 

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