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My Pastor / Imam says Betting is how I would make it in Life

My Pastor / Imam says Betting is how I would make it in Life 

First of all this is a lie.

I have lived and walk with the spirit and no spirit or Orisa approved gambling.

Have asked IFA so many times about gambling and the answer is still the same,IFA is against it.

Playing bet put your destiny in another man's hand, your destiny is supposed to be in your hand but the moment you start playing bet, you loose the right to your destiny.

The owners of those bets manipulate you using all the dark forces they have such that all the money that enter your hand would be used to play their bet, tell me - is your destiny still in your Hand?

Some people hate the truth and it's Ok. Have had more than a hundred of this question and that is why I am here to answer it in public.

Betting start with an inquisitive question like let me try it, and then you feel like I didn't to it right the first time so I want to try again,and you enter the mighty game of the mind, your mind is being captured by an enemy force and you become lost at it that you can't stop.

I never for once like bet,am not a football fan. I don't have guys we club together or whatever. I must say I live a boring Life . Just an indoor person, probably why I was chosen but I didn't say so anyway.

Ifa teaches about hardwork, IFA don't like people who are lazy, IFA want us to be upright and be focused in what we do.

It's just a shame our generation are all Lazy. We are looking for a short cut to millions .

Some people even call me to give them numbers to play bet and win. I looked at them and I hang up my phone.

If you still think betting is where your destiny lies after all have said, you are on your own.

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