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OSUN the salt of the world

OSUN the salt of the world 

The Power of OSUN cannot be ridiculed by any other ORISA. 

In ODU IFA when the other men came to earth and they refused to involve her, we all knew what happened.

Let me break your Jaws, OSUN is the first female Orisa created By OBATALA.

OSUN is the Salt of the world, her little impact in everything make it a lot more different.

As a matter of fact she is the grand Mother of Most Orisa because she conjoined forces with other male orisa to create and give birth to other ORISA.

No wonder anyone that is having marriage issues are always referred to OSUN for cleansing and match making. She knows all about Marriage because she is the mother of everything.

She is the True Mother of everything.

If OSUN is the only thing left in your Life, be rest assured that nothing would happen to you.

She has witness the rise and fall of all humanity, you can't do without her.

I sat down and while I was in space and time in the spiritual realm, I looked back at the creation of mankind and all there is and I cannot but write this piece of work to eulogies my great Mother yeye OSUN.

She never lift her finger to fight anyone but anyone who cross her path would surely pay, she is full of smile and energy nobody can resist, she is the salt of the world without which there is bitterness.

If you want your life to be meaningful and sweet, you need to feed OSUN , the great Mother of all things .

Nobody has been able to understand her very well until now,I only hope I can pour out her mind via this epistle.

She always give people chances to make their decision without interfering, she always show support no matter what, she never get angry .

She is just the perfect example of a mother.

What a mother she is.

The salt of the world.

She had honey to our Life .

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