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EEWO ORISA (ORISA taboos and what you don't know)

EEWO ORISA (ORISA taboos and what you don't know)


Eewo is never what one can break in secrecy with the thought that one has done it with impunity. 

If nobody sees a person while committing the offence, conscience is the first law enforcement agent that will arrest the person through constant pricking. 

And if the person has no living conscience, later or sooner, the punishment will come which may not be from the hand of any mortal as seen in Ifa verse thus:

Aise-e ni n bini
Eewo lo n gbija ara re

It is abomination itself that punishes one
Revenge comes from Eewo itself.

The punishment for breaking taboo may either be terrestrial or celestial or even both.

 According to Susanne Wenger (Adunni Olorisa), “Within the framework of Yoruba culture and tradition, taboo (eewo) is a tremendously strong force against which you do not transgress as long as you are part of the culture”. 

As noticed by Kwabena Amponsah, 1974, when there is infringement of a taboo by a person, “the punishment falls on the individual or a community of which he is a member”. 

This means that the whole community can suffer “for the crime of an individual”.

Therefore, each and everybody must know what his/her Orisa taboos are and observe it. 

Some Orisa eewos...

Palm wine (emu).Dog (aja).Palm oil (epo pupa).Salt (iyo)

. Cricket (ire). Snake (ejo)

 Guinea corn (oka baba). Solanum nigrum (efo odu) . Solanum macrocarpum(efo osun) 

 Red monkey (ijimere). Making of fire in the grove.  Weeding with hoe in the grove.


 Roe-buck (eran esuro) . Yam beans (ewa sese) .Tabba mimu....

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