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Transgender LGBTQ+ and it's Morality

Transgender LGBTQ+ and it's Morality 

Many people believe that Transgender LGBTQ are sinners and therefore should not be accepted into the society .

But that is not the case because Morality,the definition of good and Bad are created by the society . The society set their standard on what they want or not , but it shouldn't be.

Probably the Transgender LGBTQ should have their own country , society, community, currency.. in fact a society of their own control by themselves such that people who are Transgender LGBTQ can go there from all over the world and be free , caring less of what anybody thinks because they owned the society.

The church and other religion are not making it easy at all.

Religious Beliefs eg Christianity religion believes that transgender LGBTQ are sinners and are into sinful act but they are not.

But if pastor should wake up with this inner voice of not knowing whether he is a man or a woman, may be they would know what it's like to be LGBTQ

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Christianity are making reference to an Old book which is outdated for more than centuries to address today's issue. Saying the world will end since 2000 years and it has not ended, you should know it's a .....

Who created transgender LGBTQ?

Did they created themselves?

Is it their fault?

Religious leader are hiding because they are afraid of what to say or what to do. 

Religious leaders are clueless and glued to old written book that is supposed to be thrown away for not addressing this generation.

People's identities and experiences should be acknowledged and respected, fostering an inclusive and tolerant society.

That is the essence of creating a society in the first place .

A society is a community where people are free of making their own choices.

Transgender LGBTQ is not a sin if it's not a sin for you to be created as a man or a woman by the same God who created people with LGBTQ, then it should not be a sin to be LGBTQ.

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