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Why did God created Transgender LGBTQ+

Why did God created Transgender LGBTQ+

Till now Nobody has been Able to define or say the reason why Transgender LGBTQ were created .

No Pastor or spiritual leader has answered the question but I would be the first to talk on it.

Transgender LGBTQ are like those who are born blind, doesn't mean they would never see again.

With proper care and treatment a blind can see and a lame can work 

It's just a natural defects that can be corrected, sorry to use that word but want to explain something.

Those who are born a transgender LGBTQ are created that way by OLODUMARE probably because of past Life Karma debt which they owe.

They are born and created incomplete or imbalance because there is something they needed to learn, probably how to balance their inner energy talking of the Positive and Negative energies within them.

As you know the world is made up of energy our body is also energy. Science only talk of hormones but I see energies.

The energy level in a man or woman must be at balance with each other so that there would be no conflicts .

I wouldn't call those who are transgender LGBTQ a deformity because they are purposely created like that with the hope of balancing their spirituality once they are on earth, with the hope of balancing their karma and work it off .

Religious leader across the world, what would do you if you knew someone who is a transgender?

You are labelling them with evil as if they created themselves but they didn't.

It is how they are CREATED 

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